This is what this fan remembers about the fanmeeting that happened after Inkigayo:
by: 그냥서현@sosiz
t: cph@soshified
????? means he/she doesn’t remembers…

SNSD enters…

S♡NE : *Cheers*

Tiffany : Let’s gather (recieving the mic)

S♡NE : *gathers*

Tiffany : Wait, I think I have to pass it to the MC (gives the mic to SooYoung hehe)

S♡NE : *laughs*

SooYoung : Hello, it’s SooYoung.

S♡NE : *Cheers*

SooYoung : ah, lets start with our greetings.

SNSD : Hello!!~ We are SNSD!!!~~

S♡NE : *Cheers*

Tiffany : Us, who have been apart for so long… finally finally finally we had our comeback!! We really wanted to see you our S♡NEs. Ah, I have a secret I wanted to tell you ???????? Everyone, you are happy,right?

S♡NE : Yes!!

Tiffany : We are happy, too.(passes the mic to HyoYeon)

HyoYeon : Hello, it’s HyoYeon. We are going to continue working hard, please look after us, let’s see each other often~^^

Yuri : ??????? this happy feelings? I want to express it… but my throat…

S♡NE : oh oh ~~

Yuri : Everyone~ I’m really happy to see you guys, it’s been a long time. I wanted to see you.

S♡NE : Us, too!

Yuri : We are going to rush through ????????? Our S♡NEs will dash together with us, won’t you??

S♡NE : Yes!!

Yuri : Please, take care of us~ ♡

YoonA : It was really cold outside, wasn’t it…

S♡NE : Yes!!

YoonA : That’s why, after looking at you through the windows of the waiting room…

S♡NE : Canned Coffee!! Thanks for the drinks~

YoonA : hehe While doing the rehersal, your cheers gave us a lot of strength. oh~ We are thankful for ????????? In the future as the 9 of us start doing the promotions ?????? please cheer for us. Thanks ^^

S♡NE : *Cheers*

Jessica : It’s been really long, I’ve really wanted to see you. We will work hard to show you a more ????? side of SNSD.. oh… ??????? I’ll do my best. Together~♡

S♡NE : *Cheers*

SooYoung : Hello, it’s SooYoung. Looks like many people came today again, it was cold, wasn’t it~ I know~ Did you like the canned coffee?

S♡NE : We enjoyed it~ hehe how can I drink it!!!!
(translator’s note: means he will keep it as a souvenir…*envious*)

SooYoung : Thank you ^^ We are thankful for all the food you have sent us, In the future while doing our promotions please come ???????? a lot. It will be really really nice~ Thanks.

S♡NE : *Cheers*~

Sunny : Hello, it’s Sunny~ It’s a pleasure to see you, It’s been a long time, right~

S♡NE : Yes!!!

Sunny : We are going to see each other more and more often in the future since we won’t be far. Let’s go forward together~ happily happily Gee~♡

TaeYeon : Yes! Hello it’s TaeYeon!

S♡NE : *Cheers*~

TaeYeon : I’m so grateful that so many people came in spite of the cold~

Fan : I’m dying TT

TaeYeon : we will try to not show you our sick side, but a more lively side. ?????? I hope that we can become closer with our fans than before~ Even though we are close… a little closer… heh. Ah~ Everyone knows how to UFO, right~?

S♡NE : Yes!! Please reply!! hehehe

TaeYeon : Since we are replying a lot, please send us lots of messages,~ok? hehe

S♡NE : *gibberish*

TaeYeon : oh! and about those rumors that we are sick… we aren’t sick at all~

S♡NE : *gibberish*

TaeYeon : Everyone… I feel so happy. I’ll work hard, so let’s do it together, always. Thank you. I love you ♡

SeoHyun : Hello, it’s SeoHyun~

S♡NE : *Cheers*~

SeoHyun : I’m so grateful that, even though it’s really cold, you waited for us. Oh… You really wanted to see us, right!?

S♡NE : Yes!!!!!!!!

SeoHyun : We, too, really wanted to hear your cheers. We missed you so much. ????????? to meet you. be careful of catching a cold, let’s spend 2009 together~

S♡NE : *Cheers*

Tiffany : Did you listen to ??????????

S♡NE : Yes!!

Tiffany : While listening to “Him Nae” let’s feel positive, together… I’ll work harder ?????????? please give us many many many cheers, let’s do it together ♡

TaeYeon : ok, everyone be careful and don’t catch a cold.

S♡NE : Don’t~~ don’t go!! *gibberish*

TaeYeon : hehehehe what should I do?

S♡NE : *gibberish**gibberish*

Yuri : There’s something I wanted to say!

Fan : What is it?

Yuri : What I want to say… I feel so so thankful that, even though we rested for 9 months, you have continuously cheered for us and haven’t forgotten us. What I wanted to say today is that I’m really really thankful for everything.

S♡NE : *Cheers*

(Jessica recieves the mic…)

S♡NE : *Cheers*~~~

Jessica : ohoh…;;

S♡NE : *Cheers*~~~ (a fan: in english!!!!)

S♡NE : *laughs*

Jessica : Will you understand if I talk in english?

S♡NE : Yes!!!!!!!!!!!

SNSD : *laughs* *laughs*

Jessica : I don’t want to ????? pass~

S♡NE : eeek!~~~~

SooYoung : Bi quaiet!!Biquaiet!~

S♡NE : ohh~~~

SooYoung : ?????? (what, I spoke in english pretty well heh)
(translator’s note: what’s in parenthesis is what the writer though sooyoung was feeling heh)

S♡NE : Oh~~~~ in japanese!! in japanese!!

????????????(It was so loud I didn’t hear)

?: We still want to talk,but I heard that you guys have been waiting for more than 10 hours~

S♡NE : Yes!! We stayed up all night!! TT TT it was too cold~ *gibberish*

(Everyone was so loud I couldn’t hear)

? : Then we’ll see you again next week, friday~ We have to go now~

S♡NE : *pitiful cheers* *gibberish*

SooYoung : We always… ah, please be quiet~ there’s this thing we always do! the thing that starts “now…”

S♡NE : Yes!!!

SooYoung : Now~

S♡NE : So Nyo Shi Dae!!

SooYoung : In the future~

S♡NE : So Nyo Shi Dae!!!!

SooYoung : For~~~ever!!!!

S♡NE : So Nyo Shi Dae!!!!!!!

SooYoung : Thank you~

TaeYeon : One last word, since from now on we are going to appear a lot in music programs, please come see us~ oh… what are you going to do after this?

S♡NE : *gibberish* *gibberish* *gibberish*

TaeYeon : then… because it’s cold, please go home quickly… I would be glad if ????????… It would be nice if we continue on together… ah! and one more really… I know that you want to look after us… It would be nice if you don’t go meet us in our dorms…

S♡NE : Who goes there!!! *gibberish*

TaeYeon : I’ll ask you as a favor~ I would like that, next time we meet in stage, us performing together as artist and audience. Thank you ^^

S♡NE : *cheers* *gibberish*


LOL Jess, aww you totally should’ve spoken some english 😦  Sooyoung..that joker. I wouldve loved to hear her speak some english hahahah 😀

Fans really need to keep away from the dorms, I mean as much as we all wanna see the girls and everything, their dorm is their only place they’ll ever get some privacy so lets respect that (: