Good morning everyone, well morning for me here (:

All things related to the Inkigayo comeback shall be pasted heree, cehck it out

credits; soshisubs2



^I’d go to the video itself to view HD quality

I’ll edit once I watch everything!

Oh my gosh, the second I saw maknae in him nae…i swear my jaw dropped. She goes from cutie to beautiful and then even back to cutie. ❤

My most favorite outfits during their ITNW days were the school girl outfits… 😀 gotta love the Him Nae outfits for some of em. Soo…the way her tie hangs loose, dude thats hot. I just hate how they do the whole flippin back and forth between the instruments and the dance, lol honestly i wish they stuck with just the instruments cause they looked tight there. I spot love triangle, between TaeNyCa?…Tae, Tiff, and Jess.

:O JeNy! I saw that hand reach Mushroom, dont think I dindt catch it. Okay enough Him Nae spazzing…

…just when I thought JeNy calmed down..”LISTEN JESSIE” ?! And then that wink…i’m dead. oh my gee. And they wore teh lollipop poster outfits ❤ Alright I’m done spazzing.