A MyDaily news article is out. This likely means SM is now “acknowledging” that they are really the new album posters.

Guerrilla teaser posters of the group SNSD was posted all over Seoul, suggesting the start of their new activity.

The teaser posters appeared on 26th in major parts of Seoul including Jongro, Myungdong, and Kangnam station. Catching the eyes of people on the streets, the posters feature members wearing white tshirts and jeans.

All of the members are wearing similar clothes and roller skates. There are nine posters, one for each member and different members have been posted in different regions, peaking the curiosity of fans.

SNSD have been announcing their comeback since the later part of this year. But the new album was delayed, and fans had to continue their waiting. Therefore the new teaser posters are getting a lot of excitement, with speculation that they are indeed for the new album.

임이랑 기자 queen@mydaily.co.kr)
translation: part09box@soshified.com


I think the key phrase here is that SM is acknowledging that these are the new mini album posters. Happy fan girll right hurrrrr (:

Personally I think its kinda smart, releasing these simple yet hot posters out all over Seoul. It attracts attention and creates some major damn excitement.

Just thought I’d throw this out there….if anyone is going to Seoul soon, snag me a poster will ya? Anyone will do..Tiffany of course would be the one I want the most but anyone will do. Damn just bring me em all.