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Some new fancams came in for TaeYeon at the Golden Disk Award.

I didn’t even know they let fans sit that close to the actual celebrities attending the thing. Cuz jeez, I wouldn’t let them! I was surprised I didn’t see any random fans run across that area just to try and meet their celebs!

Talking to Wonda Gurrrllz. I love how starstruck Sun Mi was when she came over and talked to the older girls haha. Then once she started talking to her or Tae noticed her, she started playing with her hair like she was flirting šŸ˜€

I don’t know if this was before or after she won the award. I know when they announced her name, she got up from the Wonder Girls table (I think in the chair next to Sun Mi hahaha). But yeah, this is them telling her to sit with them… some say it was because YeEun and SunYe said that she might be lonely without the other girls. TaeTae had to sit with DBSK boys before she finally sat with WG… But I’m sure she didn’t mind Junsu’s company!

Speaking of DBSK…

Yunho, stop it! You’ve got your own, she wants Junsu!

Credits: Citra unni @JPHIP