I really needed a new banner since the previous one was all summer-ry feeling and its starting to get cold, so I tried to change it to their christmas outfit ones but they were all too blurry or too large to fit onto the banner, even after I switched the whole layout -__- So if anyone has any pictures that they think should be used as the new banner (preferably the girls are all lined up in one row cause two rows will not fit and matches with the season and is a current picture) please link me and share (: I also added a “Eye Candy” section on the side bar. Okay I know the sidebar is at the bottom on this first page for some reason, but on the second page and so on, the sidebar actually lays on the side so I’m guessing theres just some posting error on the first page and it’ll probably go away later. In conclusion, hopefully you guys like the temporary banner and the new Eye Candy side section and share any pictures you thinkwould make a good banner!