So yesterday, November 11th, two albums were released. Taylor Swift’s Fearless and David Archuleta’s “David Archuleta” lol. I was more looking forward to David’s because I liked his style more and I dont really like country. I think the only country songs that I like are “Live Like You Were Dying” and “Teardrops On My Guitar” and “Love Story”. Coincidentally, the last two are by Taylor Swift, but I didnt like her enough to admit I would want her album. Well thoughts have changed ever since I started listening to it just now.I’m not a great critic so I won’t really bother trying to critique, but I’ll just recommend a few of my favorites from each album (especially for those snsd fans out there who are bored of no new music)

From Archuleta’s Album:
^This is def. my favorite. His voice is just amazing

My Hands:

A Little Too Not Over You is also catchy and good. Most of his songs are this album are really catchy and addicting.

Now on to Taylor Swift’s album


Love Story (of course, my favorite.)

You Belong with Me is cute too (:

Ok I should stop trying to distract myself and actually go do my work. -_- Enjoy these songs! These arent the only good songs, the rest of hte albums is great!