So I’m supposed to be finishing up my ap english summer assignment…and I’ve done tons already actually so I decided to take a break..and make a post on casual outfits, since thats what I love best on SNSD 😀 And who knows if I’ll have time once school starts in…a few days =(

smexy hyooo

I found out awhile back my friend owns Sica’s hoodie..haha

LOL I want that shirt so bad.

I don’t know if this outfit would even be considered casual cause it might be for a photoshoot..but I’d like to believe that Sica wears plaid shorts like meee 😀

the moose ❤

Besides the fact that this is total JeNy love action..I like Sica’s jacket (:

I cant get over their lollipop shirts with their names on it and Maknae’s glasses are cuteee

I loved this picture…cause me and Fany share the same jeannss yo.

i still want yuri’s shoesss

okay maybe we wouldnt wear this outside…but hey we dig


Please Do Not Feed the Model. (or something to that extent)

Beside Yuri slapping my poor Fany’s chest..everyone simple winter outfits are lovelyy 😀

what a dork <33

Girl loves her Coach, if you’ve seen the Hollywood bowl pics, you’ll understandd.

Well thats all I’m gonna post…I know theres like fifty million more out there, but I’m getting tired of diggin my folder lol and I gotta get working on the assignment again. In conclusion, casual outfits are beast, and they love HCO and A&F as much as I doo (: