Hilarious, cute moments and theyre subbed 😀

JeNy Talks bout maknae

LOL awww so cute how Maknae texts Sica whos like right next door ❤

Dirty Fany Moment

lmfao. Fany is so cute running away after eating chicken ribs, I could not stop laughing. Shes so giggly throughout this entire clip though…lmao sunny:you stabbed her weak spot ❤ omgah. And on a side note, sica and fany ate chicken ribs togethaaa 😀

Yuri Complains

God more hilarious stuff. I would love to room with SUnny cause we’re both messy and we would totally not mind each others mess..and Yuri’s such a neat freakk haha. LOL luckily sunny doesnt smell, so is tiffany the only one that smells? Shinyoung ❤ Yuri defends the lil mushroom hehe

credits; popbuggy