So right after the SM Concert, I totally fell in love with BoShi (BoA and soshi course), it beats any other SNSD w/ another celebrity pairing 😀 Now..I feel myself BoA fan girling alot these days. If you got any to contribute *COUGHMARIA LOGINCOUGH*, feel free to share with us all (:

If you’ve seen teh fan cam, you’ll know that Sica was on the OTHER side before BoA started speaking. Once Boa grabbed her microphone, Sica ran up behind BoA, BoSica <33

BOFANY <33 I read somewhere that BoA would totally mess around with Fany, like Tiffany would run up to her idol (which reminds me..fany knows all of boa’s songs <3) and then BoA would tap Tiffany’s shoulder and point somewhere so Fany would look away, then Boa would run off hahahah ❤

credits; boshi thread @ soshified

Oh my godd, BoShi is love.