EDIT: PART 1 I’m guessing this is..rofl so many cute moments. Trendsetter..FASHION LEADER..Purple line yo! rofl. Aww maknae tries the massage on shoulders on Sunny, trying to mimic the yusica couple I see 😀
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUxUtrsqhbg REUPLOADED
credits; rebt00

It says part 2..I have no idea what part 1 is then lol, but this is where Tae blows of Fany’s candles LOL. So hilarious and Tae feels no shame nor guilt..instead she blows sticks her tongue at Fany’s face 😀 rofl Tiffany was not pleased. 2:45, YURI what are you doing?! hahahahah. cutie, instead of clapping she hits her mouth. At the end, Sica’s giggle is ❤ and her hand will not get off of Umma’s lap 😉
credits; cutetheme