Today in Korea is of course, August 5th which is also, SNSD/Girls Generation/ So Nyuh Shi Dae’s one yaer anniversary! Lets all wish them a Happy 1st Anniversary because I sure have a heck of a lot to say (:

Its been how fast a year has already flown by..I’ll be honest I did not know of the girls when they first debuted..heck I don’t even think I was into music I didn’t understand lol, but the second I came across SNSD I fell in love with the groups music, personality, looks, basically everything. The journey SNSD has taken to reach this far hasnt been easy, from training to dealing with controversies, its been a year full of ups and downs. But through all this, us fans are always here to support them.
I don’t think I have ever been this fan crazy over an artist..until now, but then again its hard to not fall in love with a group like SNSD. They each have their own unique talent and personality, and as a group they are all wonderful singers. I remember watching “Girls go to School” and wow what a show that was! Never a dull moment, these girls arent afraid to show their bubbly and silly personalities in front of the camera which  is what I love. FromGGTS, it led to even more shows like the MTV Lifestyle and boosted their popularity even more. Not only were they popular on shows, but also popular in the advertisement world, I mean just look at all the CFs they’ve done. For a first year anniversary, they’ve achieved a lot. It makes me proud in a way, to be an SNSD fan (:
I hope for many more anniversaries to come, with even more happiness and more memories! Without SNSD, I don’t know what I would do if I was feeling crappy or bored, because I always flip on some clip of them when I’m feeling even just a little down. They always make it better yo! I’m so happy to have come across this beautiful and talented 9 girl group because my day just gets so much brighter cause of them and I’m sure all you fans out there will agree with me, right? They never fail to amaze me, because every performance they put up is always better than the last. There is always room for improvement and they are ALWAYS improving.
In conclusion, HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY GIRLS GENERATION! Its defintely a girls’ generation right now! Continue being yourself and showing us your lovely personalities. Remember, what doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger. Soshi fighting! I look forward to many more years with you all!

ps. I’m so excited for the 2nd album 😀

Lets relive some amazing memories with our girls (:

credits; kingthat
Our Girls debut stage..the very first performance of one of the best songs ever. 😀 Course there are countless performances and I cant post them all, but this was a must since it was their debut

Now..lol the next videos are in no order, like I don’t even know the exact dates for some of them so its just whatever video I find in my files I post.

dancing to Shinhwa’s Brand New..heck look at Tae’s butt fetish go rofl

Sooyoung lipsyncs to Last Farewell..WITH DJ MING! ❤

Seohyun singing Kiss Me. Maknae did AMAZING here

credits; aichimin009
hahah Sooyoung and Yuri speaking english ❤ today is monday! what a classic line now

Sooyoung sings BoA’s Everlasting. I love her voice here (:

Performing Hey Micky! Oh my godd Sica’s voice is perfect in this song

Sica’s I love Rock N Roll..LOL then thers tiffany screaming. The part where Sica is like “where we can be alone” Tiffany is like what you me? rofllll JeNy <3..omg that “OWWW” was just hot.

Don’t Say You Love Me with Sicaaa. I love her singing in english

taeyeon performing “If”

Oppa Nappa MV

credits; wudupbabycakes
Seoul Music Awards perf

Tae performs with Epik High

Performing Beginning


dancing to chaotic, what a smexy dance

Golden Disk Awards

boa special stage

Tae sings romantic cat

Yuri sings Sarangeun Bombicheoreom

Maple Story CF

tae’s cf

SNSD plays with Tissuess

rofl. ghosts should scare me..but hell when its SooRi acting like zombies or w.e. its just plain hilarious. and they even said they went back to SM Building to scare the living crap out of the other girls

Arm wrestling on star king

Winning 1st at the MNet 100th special

Yoona in YAMD. A big achievement man, landing a main role yo! BERRY GOOD YO

Honestly, there are way too many good videos to post them all, these were just a random few I pulled out. Plus most of the vids I wanted to post had been removed…-_- Enjoy! I’ll come back with part 2 with PICTURES AND GIFS!

this took me an hour to write..and it wasnt even that long..