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OH wow. This is so depressing, I dont meet any of the requirements..
credits; soshistalker

S.M. Ent are calling SNSD supporters to sign up for the Official Fanclub. Fans will have until the 23rd of this month to apply.

I was looking at the notice that they had posted about it and there are all these requirements you have to meet in order to apply, one being you have to have a Korean registration number, another, that you’ve attended over 10 SNSD broadcasts or events.

Hrm…you have to be a pretty hardcore fan. I’ve been to about 5 events with SNSD over like 2 months and I seriously had to check their schedule several times a week just to know where they would be and when. -_-” Obviously SM are only interested in attracting the hardcore fans who are willing to spend money/time to support their artists. (If you were working/studying full-time you really wouldn’t have time for soshi stalking..)