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I feel like I don’t have enough Yoona and Yuri on this site, even though they’re in my top favorites! I love them even more when they’re together. Actually, in my opinion, Yuri is great with any member 🙂 but this is just my top fav couple, besides TaeFany! Anyway, I decided to make a post dedicated to these two

yoona-and-yuri-4.gif<<GIF yoona-and-yuri-5.jpgyoona-and-yuri-6.jpg

I swear these two girls laughs are just friggin contagious. Everytime I see them laugh, especially when I hear Yoona’s laugh, I just start laughing even if its not funny. (:
PS. SICA’S BIRTHDAY IS IN 15 DAYS. APRIL 18TH. I’ll have a post dedicated to her just like I did with Taeyeon’s birthday!