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HAHAHHA  probably one of my most favorite quotes ever made by snsd. You’re probably as curious as I am as to how this even started, well at least I was because I don’t know Korean so even if she did explain it on UFO…I totally missed it. Anyway, here’s teh story! LISTEN TO TEH AUDIO TOO!

credits; ak6c at soshi forums!
link to audio!

This was from Park Jung Ah’s Byul Bam Radio 03.04.08
Sooyoung was talking about a funny incident about Jessica

Jessica speaks English right? It’s not that funny but it was really funny in that situation…
Jessica needed to use the hairspray but there weren’t any around.
So she was talking to herself in English and she sounded like one of those evil girls you see in movies.
What did she say again? You know how they say each exact letter of the word one by one?
“I want Hairspray! Hairspray! Right Now! N.O.W!”
She was like, “Now! N.O.W! Right Now!”
This was so funny to us.
And on that day, Sica had two ponytails sticking out on the side.
That image was really…

Park Jung Ah:
It sounds like Elizer being mean to Candy.

After that, N.O.W. became a popular phrase amongst us.

N.O.W. That doesn’t sound too bad.

Park Jung Ah:
N.O.W! Now~

Now~ Right Now~

LOL I REALLY SUGGEST YOU LISTEN TO THE AUDIO! Sooyoung’s version was just hilarious! N.O.W.