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BAM! Just like that, another August 5th arrives and Girls’ Generation turns one year older, and so does SONE. It’s an understatement to say that the last few years have been a pleasure, and an understatement to say that we are proud of you. You are the group that everybody doubted, that nobody believed in, yet here you are now, at the very top of K-pop, and all together, completely intact with all nine of you.

taeyeon gif
Thank you for six years of Taeyeon, who we’ve watched turn from an insecure girl, thrown into leadership and out of her depth, into the capable head of Girls’ Generation. Who has proven time and time again why she was born to do what she does. Who switches from voice-of-an-angel mega-boss to a puppy-loving dork in a matter of seconds.

“I don’t think SNSD as a group will ever be broken apart. Even if after many years have gone by. Even after we get married.– Taeyeon

jessica gif
Thank you for six years of Jessica, a truly fascinating creature to behold. The girl who started out as an ice princess but who we had the good fortune to see melting. The ‘lazy’ girl who works herself to exhaustion, the insecure-but-confident paradox of a woman.

“That’s right! We’ll protect ‘Girls’ Genertaion’ forever!” – Jessica

sunny gif
Thank you for six years of Sunny, who was always meant for brilliance. The girl with the sharp words and witty retorts, but a heart of gold. The one everyone can talk to, the one everyone trusts, the one who always looks out for everybody. A true professional entertainer, through and through, and an even better friend.

We had some hard times, but they made us stronger. Those times enable us to really embrace each other like sisters, and our unity kept us going through the hard times, the good times, and the happy times. I am thankful for those times and for the times to come.” – Sunny

tiffany gif
Thank you for six years of Tiffany, the bumbling, chatty and kind-hearted American, who we’ve watched turn from a bouncy flouncy child into an intelligent, responsible and classy (and occasionally bouncy flouncy) young woman. The girl with strength beyond words, and the one who believes in SNSD the most.

There’ll be hardships and fights, but that’s what a family is…honesty, right? So let’s care for one another more, pray more, love more. Why? That’s the advantage of being us! We’re all we have and you’re all I have.” – Tiffany

hyoyeon gif
Thank you for six years of Hyoyeon, who was initially awkward, but as we came to know her turned out to be a sassy, fierce, hilarious and occasionally shy little gangster. Who does what she likes when she likes, and ain’t be takin’ no crap from nobody. The one who SNSD wouldn’t be able to laugh without.

“The nine of us being together is more important than anything else.” – Hyoyeon

yuri gif
Thank you for six years of Yuri. The kkab, tomboyish prankster who turned out to be one of the sexiest people in existence. The sweet sweet girl who never means any harm and just wants to do her best and have fun doing it. Yuri who encourages others just by encouraging herself.

We really held onto each other and guided each other and pushed each other. I’m so happy we were able to have those precious times together. We’ve been through so much together so lets…together…leap even stronger now. And…I love you.” – Yuri

sooyoung gif
Thank you for six years of Sooyoung, quick-witted and snarky at first glance, but at second glance the massive softy with her heart on her sleave. The thoughtful Sooyoung who is moved easily to tears, always wants to do right by others and cares just so so much. Sooyoung who, probably moreso than anyone, knows just how far SNSD have come.

You are as dear to me as family I’ve known all my life, and I can’t imagine my life without you.” – Sooyoung

yoona gif
Thank you for six years of Yoona, the docile-appearing, shy-looking, seemingly mild-mannered girl-next-door ideal woman who turned out to be the soul of a twelve-year-old boy inside a gorgeous woman. Yoona who is full of insecurities and worries but does her best despite them.

There’s no point in Girls’ Generation if it’s not us nine girls together.” – Yoona

seohyun gif
Thank you for six years of Seohyun, whom moreso than any of the others, we have watched grow up. The awkward, quiet teenager who turned into a graceful, elegant woman. The upright child who earns both desbelief and respect at the same time simply by being, the model student who caught the dorky-virus from her unnies.

Although we are not real sisters, I think we are sisters bonded by fate.” – Seohyun

And thank you, thank you so much for Girls’ Generation. Thank you for this adorable little family that we have seen fight, and struggle, and grow and become so strong. Thank you for letting us be by your side through all the laughter and the tears, the good times and the bad, the triumphs and the struggles. Thank you for being SoNyuhShiDae, and thank you for letting us be your SONE.

We love you, we cherish you, and here is to another chapter in the legend of Girls’ Generation.

If in the next year, the next five years, the next ten years, the next life even, you are still Girls’ Generation, we will still be your SONE.

Congratulations girls!