As y’all know, SNSD’s resident mushroom earlier this week hit the 25-years-old milestone! Amidst wellwishes from fans the world over, Tiffany‘s fellow members also spent some time to throw her a party as well as sending her some well wishes and love through Social Networking Services. Praise the gods for SNS!

Tiffany recently uploaded the below photo of her celebration including the SNSD members as well as some other famous faces onto the official Girls’ Generation website. Isn’t it cute how everyone wore pink for her? Obviously, pink is a necessity to get into a Fany-party.

Maknae Seohyun took to the official site as well, uploading a cute photo of Sunny and Seohyun sandwiching Fany with a kiss.

sunny seohyun tiffany
She also included the cute message;
“Today is Fany Unnie’s Day!♥

Shining brightly is the star of the day!!
Fany Fany Tiffany unnie~~ Happy birthday!! ^-^
Chu~♥ Together with Sunny unnie
Today is your day~!!!
We will make sure your day is full of excitement!! Hahaha
Everyone wish her a happy birthday too~!!

Meanwhile, fellow american Jessica also wanted everyone to know it was Tiffany’s day, uploading the following photo onto her Weibo account.

jeti snsd tiffany bday
She posted her birthday message to Tiffany in their shared first language;

“happy birthday t!![心][蛋糕][礼花] today is your day~all yours! thank u for always being such an understanding and lovely friend(now family hehehehe[偷笑]) keep up the smile and “loud voice!!!” 😉 [爱你] p.s u make a cool mom for prince! ahem and i make a cool auntie[耶]

Leader Taeyeon also uploaded the below photo onto her instagram account, taeyeon_ss (which recently hit 1000,000 followers!), with the caption “HappyB-day my American friend♥ #801

She also posted a video of the girls getting drunk the girls presenting Tiffany with a cake and acting like a bunch of adorable kids.

The other Ny in 2Ny also took part in the SNS Fany-loving, with Sunny uploading not one but two photosets onto her sunstagram account!

2ny 1
“Family photo!! Mom Fany, Son Prince, and..Aunt Sunny..ㅋㅋTiffany who I love~happy birthday♥ Happy birthday my love!! It’s party time!!!!☆”

2ny 2
Attack on Sunny keke shy kkworl (a play on Tiffany’s Gee lyric, “shy girl”) Don’t avoid my kiss♥ Attack on tiffan!!kkkk.. You can’t avoid me!!! Shy girl!!!!♡.♡

Long time MC-ing buddy Yuri also uploaded a photo taken during one of YulTi’s dates a bit before Tiffany’s birthday, complete with a cute and to-the-point message “Happy b day tiff ♥ #imhappywewereabletobetogether“.

yulti date
Gotta love all that Tiffany-loving! 🙂

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