As of late, the SNSD members have been a little hard to get a hold of as they’re all busy busy busy preparing for their world tour that will kick off this weekend. Hyoyeon however, ain’t havin’ none of that cooped-up nonsense, and recently went on a little solo adventure, because SHE ALL OVER DAT CONCERT BIDNEZ ANYWAY.

On the 6th, Hyoyeon hit up the airport, where she was all like “lul laters, I’m so out” and SONE were all like “lul okay, bye”.

hyogangsterShe showed up to the opening of the flagship TopShop store in Hong Kong, and was greeted with throngs of reporters and adoring fans. She flashed her winning smile for the cameras, did some interviews, and took heaps of photos with foreigners, all in classic chill Hyo style.

Here’s a small collection of Hyo’s adventures in HK + some BTS staff photos.

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