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On June 2nd’s broadcast of Barefoot Friends, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk called Yuri in hopes of setting her up with his friend, Kim Bumsoo, a well known R&B/Soul singer and Yuri fan. However, things didn’t go quite as expected, with SNSD being characteristically loud, and Yuri’s reply bringin’ in the lulz…

Translations below:

Yuri: Hello?
Eunhyuk: Yo! What are you doing?
Y: Who is this?
EH: Eunhyuk oppa, Eunhyuk oppa.
Y: You’re Eunhyuk oppa?
EH: Yeah. What are you doing?
Yuri: Right now…. Did you say you are EH oppa?
EH: Yeah I said I am EH oppa.
Y: Oppa, why did you call me?
EH: Yuri-yah~ should I introduce a guy to you?
Y: HAHAHAHAHA, this is really funny. Why all of a sudden?
EH: He is a really good hyung. Do you know Bumsoo-hyung?
Y: Ah “I Miss You Kim Bumsoo oppa?
EH: Yeah
Y: Ahh… we did a radio show together once right?
EH: Bumsoo hyung really wants to see you.
Y: Eh… lies!
EH: Really Really! Should I introduce him to you?
Y: Why are you asking me out of nowhere? It’s too sudden.
Captions: [arranged meeting, Yes/No Yuri ah… please….]
Y: Right now… having a boyfriend seems inconvenient….
Caption: [inconvenient?]
Everyone: lulz
Hyori: Women say stuff like this when they don’t want to do it.
EH: Ah… right now… blind date…. boyfriend(?)… (stutters) yes yuri-ah…
Hyori: Fail!
Captions: [BumsooxYuri blind date/ arranged meeting, FAIL.]
Bumsoo: Ah, Yuri ah!!!
EH: Yuri ah Yuri ah~
Bumsoo: Yuri yah Yuri yah Yuri yah! You’re too much Yuri-ah.
Y: Who is this? Bumsoo oppa?
Bumsoo: just overlook it and go on a blind date with me once!
BS: Are you uncomfortable with having a boyfriend or are you uncomfortable with me?
Y: EH oppa who have never contacted me in my whole life talking to me is uncomfortable…(jokingly)
Bumsoo: Hwaiting!
Hyori: Thanks~
Hodong: Thank you very very much.
Yuri: Thank you~

credit and thanks to @jungsooyawn for the subs.