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Tickets for the event now on sale. Go to the styleXstyle webpage to book. Hurry !

Yes, that’s right, the 9 beautiful Soshi ladies are scheduled to grace our fair Singaporean shores once again :).It was recently announced online and in our local Singapore press that Girls’ Generation will be one of the guest stars at our inaugural Asia Style Collection fashion event, slated to be held at the Singapore Expo (where the 1st K-Pop Night was held in 2010 :D) on the 22nd of June 2013.

Other stars expected at this prestigious fashion extravaganza include the equally popular K-Pop girl group 2NE1 and Japanese actress Noriko Sakai.

The aim of this event is to showcase the best of fashion trendsetters from Japan, China, Korea and, of course, Singapore. In so doing, it hopes to encourage the spread of each participating country’s culture to the rest of the member nations of ASEAN (Association of South-East Asian Nations), thus strengthening the bonds of the association therein.

Each participating country’s popular fashion brands, models and artistes will be showcased in various thematic fashion/music events, geared to bring out the best of the items or persons featured.

Some of the staged events featured include TGC Girls Collection (held 3 times in China), Tokyo Girls Collection,a high-end fashion event in Japan, and, of course, the K-Pop Collection (to be helmed by Korean broadcasting media giant SBS).

Ticketing details for the stated event have yet to be announced. Rest assured, however, that this essential piece of information will be posted here once it is publicly made known, as I expect a fair number of SONEs and Blackjacks from around the ASEAN region who would not want to miss attending it :lol:.

As for myself, I will be definitely keeping that date (22-6-2013) free for the Girls :D. Soshi jjang !

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By: kenneth@snsdkorean.com

Credits: modelpress, redsunset@soshified.com, gjak1117@soshified.com, taengsoshi@soshified, The Straits Times