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snsd sooyoung cyrano agency


Sooyoung has been cast as the female lead in a new drama on tvN called “Dating Agency: Cyrano.”

The drama will be a 16 episode drama based on the webtoon “Cyrano Agency” and a prequel to the movie “Cyrano: Dating Agency.”

The drama is about a “Dating Agency” which helps clumsy people find true love.  Seo Byunghoon, played by Lee Jonghyuk, is the leader of the “Dating Agency.”  He is haughty and ill-tempered, but shows potential in the theatrical world and is a famous director.  But after an unexpected death of a friend, he feels guilt ridden and decides to chart into the unknown territory of the dating business to save his friends theater company.

Sooyoung will play the female lead character Gong Minyoung, one of the agency’s workers who helps people find love.  She also is the love interest of Byunghoon.

The role of Cha Seungpyo, played by Lee Chunhee, makes three’s company.  The three of them have a love triangle.  OoOOo Sooyoung, so bad!  Lol.  Chunhee’s character has a mysterious past, but is a charming guy who is a chef and runs a small restaurant next to the theater and dating agency.

Kang Heejun, the PD of the drama said, “We are planning on upgrading the original work’s ideas, add an angle, and we will show off a romantic comedy people will want to watch the most this spring.  All the actors are inspired to show new, different acting.  You can look forward to it.”

Filming will begin in the middle of April, with a set air date at the end of May.

This will be Sooyoung’s second drama, as she acted in “The Third Hospital” last year.  Who’s excited to see Sooyoung gain more acting experience and become a more well rounded idol???  I know I am!

Credits: wonderfulgeneration.net