Due to the great amount of selcas and photos from Girls’ Generation these past days, this will be a joint collection post. Take a look below at the pictures of our girls from this week and last week!

Wake up in the morning and get some looove from Taeyeon!

Look in the mirror and find deer Yoong staring back at you with her doe eyes.

S♡NE~~~~ How are you??
It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve written on hereㅎㅎ
I’ve been busy with the arena tour lately.
When we went to Korea recently, it must have been because of the last cold snap, but it was a bit chilly.
Did any of you catch a cold~
I.. am starting to feel betterㅎㅎ Be careful!!^^
I don’t know if it’s because I saw cherry blossoms in Japan, and am feeling the spring early,
but I hope the sunny springcomes soon~
So I can listen to a lot of good songsㅋㅋ
Oh, recommend me some songs~
I don’t have any new songs on my playlist these days^^ heheㅋㅋ
Now then, until next time, bye~
I’m off to another concert today~~~ sshyoong~
Have breakfast with Seobaby and Yul

As expected, Osaka’s specialty is takoyaki.  We attempted a sweet russian roulette using fruits, dango, and snacks.  Yuri and Seohyun chose cautiously, yet boldly. The results, banana for Seohyun, and tasty, ordinary Takoyaki for Yuri. yumyum“~

Get together with Fany and friends!
Seohyeon.Yuri.Tiffany.Taeyeon/ It’s hurricane ganji* Yuri unnie >_<“.
Kyaa! Hurricane ganji* Yuri unnie>_< Rocckkkkk“.
Salut Sica on your way to work!
And then cuddle and hop around with Sica and her sis!
Dance with Hyo and Min!
This is from the EEG&EMG Spring Banquet 2013 a few weeks ago in Hong Kong, with Hyo’s childhood friend Miss A’s Min and Han Ga-in.
Uh, need I say more? Be the guy (Super Junior’s Kangin and Siwon) in the middle!

“it was a gud show 🙂 Thor!! was the BEST!ㅋㅋ SUPERSHOW5 WORLDTOUR Hwaiting♥“.

Dinner Party time!
Bed time reading with Taeyeon.

Jounetsu aired yesterday! i haven’t been able to watch it yet, but i guess something like this comes on…. ^^ㅎ“.

Sleep? No way! Mid-night drink with Sica..
Okay, now let’s sleep..
Taeyeon: “W ma Pink gangsta!”
..and dream of seeing cherry blossoms with Sooyoung!

When I can hear the spring coming~ I walk along the road where flowers have bloomed~^^ The cherry blossoms are in full bloom in Tokyo^-^! From Tokyo to Hong Kong for the girls~!! sone HK make some noise! ♥“.

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