snsd non stop mix albumIt’s been announced that on March 20th, the girls will release a remix album in Japan mixed by Taku Takahashi (m-flo).

Tracks are as follows:

1. Opening

2. Flower Power

3. The Boys (Japanese ver.)

4. Reflection

5. Paparazzi

6. Bad Girl

7. Genie

8. Boomerang

9. T.O.P.

10. You-aholic

11. Mr. Taxi

12. Animal

13. Hoot

14. Run Devil Run

15. I’m a Diamond

16. Girls & Peace

17. Oh!

18. The Great Escape

19. Gee

20. Let It Rain

21. Stay Girls

Wow, so many good songs on this album!  I don’t even know which one would be my favorite.  There are just too many good ones!

Album is available for preorder now for $33.99 USD.