Im sure this has been posted mannnny times in the past. Ranging from Mercs, Bugatti, Ferrari, Monster Trucks etc, I bet you’re all wondering what car our girls drive and own right now? Well Peeps, lets take a tour around SNSD’s Personal Car Garage!

A fun fact was recently revealed on what car brand and model the members of SNSD drive. It is known that most of the members drive a BMW. Up to three to four members of SNSD drive the same model of BMW Mini Cooper, including Hyoyeon who is known for owning a BMW Mini Cooper.

The other members of SNSD like Jessica also owns a BMW however instead of a cute mini, she decides to roll in style with a White BMW 320i Model.

The remaining two members who do not own a BMW car are Yoona who owns a Volkswagen Scirocco and Taeyeon who owns a Porsche Boxster.

………Hang on……. You mean like this??

Anti’s See Me Rollin…..They Hatin~~

Other known celebrities who drive big cars are Sandara Park of 2ne1 who owns a Range Rover, JYJ’s Jaejoong drives a Lamborghini, Yoochun owns a Ferrari, G-Dragon drives a Bentley and others.

Source: dkpopnews, FunkyFlapjack@snsdkorean