While a few sources in the music industry spoke of SNSD’s comeback into the music scene sometime in late October or early November, it has been informed that they have decided not to return this year.

While shedding light on this news, a source stated, “Initially, people from Girls’ Generation’s side spoke of their comeback in late October or early November to broadcast station sources, but I’ve recently come to know it as them having come to a conclusion of not promoting this year. It seems that they have decided not to rush into a comeback this year as their comeback time would be a bit late, and because they want to create a more complete album.”

However, this does not mean they haven’t marked a spot on the Year 2012! Early in the year we had an album from our newly created Sub-Unit, SNSD-TTS, consisting of Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun. Not only is it a first sub-unit experience, but with that, they managed at top all musics charts for multiple consecutive weeks! On top of that, they released a high beat Japanese single, Paparazzi, after a year since Mr. Taxi, which also toped the Oricon charts! Even through single individual promotions, nearly half of our girls released their own OST for the recent drama ‘To The Beautiful You’ and each track gained immense popularity. And to round all that up, released only a few days ago, Flower Power, their latest Japanese Single is up for grabs as well as their 2nd Major Japanese Album, consisting of multipul tracks which are expected to be even more feeeeepiiiic than the first Japanese album!. So, Sones, dont be downed because they’re not making a comeback in the K-Industry, instead, look forward to the new style that they are majorly preparing for the upcoming Year of SNSD, 2013!

Source: SportsSeoul, ch0sshi