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Here presents the show-down of adorable (and perhaps random) Selcas for the first few days of November! And the contestants are Sunny Bunny, Yoongie, and Yurrrrrrri (pronounced with Spanish-style ‘rr’ rolling -give the name so much character, don’t you think?)!

So with no further ado, let’s start with the first photo, starring Sunny! In this picture, she is wearing the outfit from the shoot for Baby-G. What fantabulous makeup!

Hello SONE JAPAN.  It’s Sunny!
It recently got really cold~ (>_<) This is when I was shooting a commercial in Korea~!! Isn’t it cute how the colorful outfit and makeup pop out? There are stars under both of my eyes~ ☆
I’m very excited since I’ll be able to see everyone really soon~!!

And next up we have Yoona and her series of selcas!

Absolutely glamorous! And..IS THAT HUMAN SKIN? It’s so..so..perfect..!

Finally, last but not least is Yuri -well, half of Yuri…

So with all talk of different styles aside, whose selcas was the most eye-candy-ish for you?

Source: wonderfulgeneration