Hot Pink Air hostess?1 Mr. Taxi Style Skin Tight Suits? Tell Me Yo Wish Genie Style Hot Pants? Strong Catchy Beat and Lyrics? Half-Synchronised Dance Routine? What more can we get!?!??!?!?!?! Oh ye.. thats right…. A FRIGGIN ALBUM awww yeeee~~ Announced and released out of the blue, SNSD’s lastest Japanese Single, ‘Flower Power’, has been released! I think personally, this is the most powerful Japanese MV yet, even more than Paparazzi! You can even say its almost an All in One package! On top of that, there are many hidden features if you haven’t noticed such as the gigantic screen on the right side of the darker room showing multiple lyrics from other songs! Although, im not too sure about the lyrics especially the word ‘Spider’ … loooooool but its still super catchy. Also, SUNNEH your hair, it’s too obvious that your wearing a wig!!!!!

Meanwhile, the album, titled Girls & Peace, is due to release on November 28th!

(P.S, Tiffany @ 2.45… I see whut u did tharrrrrrrrr)

Dance Ver.