Not really zombies but more like devils!! Yo betta ruunnnnn ~ Dressed up as a sexy devil, Sunny really creeps us out…in a good way! Meanwhile, Hyoyeon, with some effort to dress up, also shocks us as she flashes her angelic smile. Wishing us a Happy Halloween, us staff from SNSDKorean would also wish you, Hope You Get ALOT Of Sweets….. or if you’ve grown out of that, Hope You Dont Drink Too Much!!!…..or Hope You Dont Get Too Annoyed At Those Damn Kids FFFFFFFFFFFFF. All in all, do have a Good Halloween!

“Happy Halloween from Girls’ Generation Sunny & Hyoyeon and EXO-M Tao & Kris!”

Now, lets really check up on some super scary pictures of Fan made SNSD pictures as it gives a total 180 degree turn from powerful and sexy to a Holy Mother of Fu- scary.

I think SNSD owes me new pants coz I literally pooped my pants!

Source: SMTownGlobal, multiple snsd fan sites