Organised by GS & Point, SNSD attended the ’1st GS & Concert’ on October 21st. This event was held at Jamsil Indoor Gymnastic Stadium in which multiple K-pop stars such as Super Junior, MBLAQ, SISTAR and PSY also performed.

Of couse, as always, SNSD showed their amazing shmexy-ness as well as their strong vocals as the crowd roared the stadium. Once again, it isn’t an SNSD performance without some on-stage fun right?? Oh yes! Enjoy the many laughable moments as you scroll through the many pictures as a lot of SoShi-On-Stage Fun was captured and caught on camera!….. Especially a lot in this concert anyways!

Jessica : Betcho cant spot meh pulling faces yo, Merong~~~…… Ow wait….

Taeyeon : LOL noob

Hit songs such as Hoot, RDR, Da Bois and Mr.Taxi were all performed! Check it out below!



Da Bois


Source: AlwaysSJH