Once again, following their weekly Selca from Show! Show! Show! Music Core!, TaeTiSeo shows their true inner chickens as they pose dorkishly. Check our Taeyeon’s message for sones too!

“It feels like I’m saying hello for the first time in a while^^!
This time it’s been 3 weeks since we saw each other.
It felt like everyone was brighter than before
SONEs always give me energy~~~^^”

“What is this… pose? Hehe”

“That is a chicken pose that maknae suggested all of a sudden!
It looks slightly uncomfortable but
still, we are using two hands to be polite~~~^^”

“This is a picture we took last time^^
Sorry for showing it late!
Everyone looks like a flower kekeke”

Meanwhile, for a bonus Selca picture, Yoona and Sunny took a selca together BTS on Japanese music program ‘Hey! Hey! Hey!‘ as they wore their AMLFY outfits!

Source: girlsgeneration.smtown, SME Japan