On October 7th, SNSD attended and performed at the 2012 Gangnam Korean Wave Festival Kpop Concert which was held at Yeongdongdaero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. And if you’re all wondering, Yes, Gangnam Style was based on this area!

Giving it an amazing performance as always, it looked like SNSD was enjoying the concert as they show their fun, cute, cheerful mood while remaining in their sexy, powerful, ‘omg-i-cant-handle-their-hotness’ side!

Check out their performance and pictures below as they perform Gee, Genie, The Boys and more!~

(P.S i cant seem to catch up with Sunny’s hair lololol. i swear it was long and brown the last time ive seen! cant tell whether its a wig real hair, blonde, brown, red, long, short etc etc!)

(P.s.s guess who made a comeback in my easter eggs?!!)


The Boys


Kissing You



Source: wondergeneration, Mygirlsgeneration