-WARNING- IMAGE SUPER HEAVY!! (No seriously, its SUPER heavy)

One fine day at the Soshi Olympics ……

A competition was held to see which SNSD member was funniest. The winner will be crowned Queen once and for all.

On a fine sunny day… 22 September 2012…..

The sun scorched the stadium as Sones chanted support for their member.

Attention was directed at Hyoyeon. Nervousness did not affect her as her thoughts provided her strength…

-SFX- Sigh…

Hyoyeon : Damn the other SNSD members… So it all comes down to a competition eh? They all thought they were the funny ones eh?…..


Hyoyeon : They thought they were funny because they made fun of my hair….. But in reality I have perfect hair……

Hyoyeon: All them times that they thought they were funny because of my lines in ‘All My Love Is For You’……..

Hyoyeon: I’ve had enough…. Today is the day I Stand Up……

Hyoyeon: Although they’re also against me they still support me…..

-SFX- chiiiiing~~

Hyoyeon: I will put 100000% effort in….. I will try my hardest like I never tried before…. I WILL Win and be crowned QUEEN…

-BANG- And the Competition Starts!!!! 

Hyoyeon: I have to win this!!!! I will show them ALL that I’m the one that brings laughter to the world!!!!

-SFX- Dudung!!!~~

Hyoyeon: Today I Will Show the world My true self!!!!!





Sorry but me and many of the staff have been super super busy! I super rushed this post and finished it within an hour! The images isn’t the best quality since I didnt give it 100% as I was trying to finish it as soon as possible (since I was 7 hours late!!!). But nonetheless, it’s better late than never, right??!!

We all wish you a very Happy Birthday, our hilarious choding Dancing Machine Queen! May you last forever and continue to give us strength and laughter throughout our journey as Sones. May you continue to live a wonderful life and bring forth the joys and happiness within yourself! <333333 Forever 9

Again sorry that I haven’t put much thought into my words as I’m trying to finish this ASAP! As our feature posts are normally pretty wordy and well put out, this time I’m just going to whack a load of Hyo Pics for everyone to enjoy!


Source: FunkyFlapjacks @ SNSDKorean, Multiple Hyoyeon image Fansites