Here to show support for Sooyoung and her drama ‘The Third Hospital‘, all the other 8 members of SNSD made a video message for her!

Meanwhile, Sooyoung and her cast recently held a press conference in which she responded to her members with a thank you. She also talks about how she was rejected  in 70 auditions as well as multiple kiss scenes!

Sooyoung expressed, “SNSD members came to almost every one of my drama shootings until they were over“. She also shared one instance when Tiffany visited her and said, “Even though the set was far from Seoul, Tiffany commuted for an hour and a half just to give me cupcakes”.

Sooyoung continued with, “They could have just sent a text message or sent something over, but the fact that they took the time to come was very touching”. Following that, Sooyoung revealed, “So after the drama is over, I told them that I would treat them all out”.

Also on the PressCon, Sooyoung revealed that she has failed 70 acting auditions. Sooyoung explained, “After the movie ‘Hello Schoolgirl’, I almost took on various projects but the situations didn’t work out so I was unable to. I wondered what project was going to come my way and then I encountered ‘Third Hospital’… Girls’ Generation’s Yoona, Jessica, and other members were taking on new challenges as actresses but I wasn’t able to. I thought, ‘Maybe acting is not my path’. Even before my debut, I auditioned for various projects 70 times and was met with defeat every time”.

Afraid that Sooyoung may have a kiss scene in this drama? There’s no need to worry as actor Oh Ji Ho revealed, “There were two kiss scenes with Sooyoung in the drama, but in the end, we couldn’t do them. I’m not sure why we couldn’t have the kiss scenes. I think it might be related to the fact that a lot of Sooyoung’s fans would be worried”. He continued with, “It’s in the screenplay so [it wasn’t my decision]. If it was reality, I feel like I would’ve felt really sorry [about it]”.

Ji Ho also revealed, “Sooyoung’s older sister appears in a scene in ‘Third Hospital’. Whether it’s because I’m familiar with Sooyoung’s sister, it felt really different acting [together]”.

Oh Ji Ho plays the role of Kim Seung Hyun, the childhood friend of Lee Euijin which is played by Sooyoung. Eujin is in love with Seung Hyun but sadly, Seung Hyun doesn’t feel the same.

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