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‘We Got Married’ is on the hunt for the next idol couple! But this time, which members are applicable to the requirements?

‘We Got Married‘ is a variety program which puts 2 idols as a would-be couple to see how their lives would turn out if it was somewhat real! So far, 2 members of SNSD has featured on this popular variety, Goguma Couple and Pudding & Jelly Couple! YongSeo has turned the tables for many fans as their participation with the program was such a success than many still believe it was a true love story for both. However poor Taeyeon got paired up with entertainer Hyeongdon which I quote, “ended up being just a variety program”!

While on the lookout for the perfect would-be couple, ‘We Got Married’ lurked around music shows and even concert venues in which they also swung by SMTown Concert in Seoul!

Checking out whether they match the requirements, YoonA, Hyoyeon and Sunny questioned themselves if they could actually pull it off!

Check out their hilarious playfulness during the look out!~

The requirements were you must be an idol with over 19 years of age so all of them passed; doesn’t have a lover or not in an affair, to which YoonA and Hyoyeon raised their hands, followed by must be able to reveal their bare face, without makeup, that’s when Hyoyeon said I’ll be going now, meaning she can’t do it while YoonA said she has already revealed hers before.

The next was, they are not allowed to wear insoles (what idols put inside their shoes to increase their height), to this Sunny said she thinks she can’t do it. Hyoyeon also said that the thing about removing their makeup is possible but about the insoles is a bit hard.

While on the show the couples aren’t allowed to like or date other people, to which YoonA jokingly said that she thinks she can’t do that one, followed by Hyoyeon’s remark, “You have been this kind of person, YoonA?“.

Followed by the next requirement, the couples must be willing to show their true colors and not be pretentious. Sunny stated that Hyoyeon is hot tempered, Hyoyeon answered back by saying “So as long as I don’t curse it will be okay, right?”

Afterwards YoonA stated that she has qualified in all the requirements, then Hyoyeon asked who is her ideal type. YoonA answered with Kim Do Jin the character played by actor Jang Dong Gun in the drama ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’ but Sunny contradicted it saying the first requirement is you must be an idol.

They ended it with Hyoyeon saying that going out without makeup is a little difficult, while Sunny said that she’s okay about having no makeup but she can’t wear shoes without insoles. YoonA said that she’s okay with all the requirements but Hyoyeon commented that she thinks YoonA wouldn’t be able to meet the requirement of not being fickle minded, to which YoonA answered back with “No! I am not”.

Who do you all think would be a good match for our SoShi members? I think FunkySic is a good one!

For now, no Official Announcement has been made and the appearance of Yoona, Hyoyeon and Sunny was purely for the loooooolz!

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