Update – Added more pictures and fancams~

Update – Added even more fancams and pictures~

Update – Added even more fancams~

Update – Added Event goodies~

-We like to imitate duh snakez

It’s that time of the month again, were Sones can truely go all out and pass the limits of fanboys/girls…. Atleast for K-Sones anyways!! Back where they began, SNSD and SM Artists held their SMTown World Concert III in their very own country, in Seoul! They held the concert in Seoul Olympic Stadium on the 18th…. in fact, it is probably still going on right now!!! As always, many hit songs were performed ranging from Genie, RDR, Da Bois and judging for the pictures, Paparazzi too? Many collaboration with other SMTown Artists were also performed, highlighting the Jung-y Jung Gene Sisters, where they performed California Girls, Sex on the beaaach~

On top of it all, before the actual concert, SMTown Artists had a mini opening, similar to those of a premiere movie etc which wasn’t included in any other SM concerts. Making a Stylish entrance, Parading the Grounds, Rolling in Style, the members of SNSD greeted fans in a proud fashion.

Also, not to forget, as if our readers are not JELLLY enough, one of our very own SNSDKorean Staffer was present at the concert! Hope you enjoyed the fepic-ness and we demand absolutely nothing except Many pictures, Many fancams, oh and maybe a gigantic essay on how fepic the fepic-ness was Bwhahahah!

Will Be Updated with FanCams/ More Pics!

-Yes, Jessica knows how I feel!


SNSD Intro

Opening (And highlights)

The Boys


TaeTiSeo and EXO – DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again



YoonA, Hyoyeon, Yuri – Dance Stage

Taeyeon – Devil’s Cry


Jessica and Krystal – California Girls

SM Artists – Dear Family

Source: wondergeneration, FunkyFlapjacks @snsdkorean (gangnam picture)