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One typical fine day at SoShiDorm, with only hours left before Tiffany’s Birthday…~

Hyoyeon : Joohyun-ah what are you doing? kekeke

Seohyun : Oh this … Mentor SooMan Sajang-nim told me to prepare food for a very special event this week! (while cutting radish)

Yuri(concentrating all by herself) Talking about Sajang-nim …. this morning he gave me this riddle to solve… “What dies when it’s alive and is alive when it dies?” He said the hint is this week’s special event! Aishhhhhh I’ve been concentrating on this all day *squeals*

Tiffany(thinking to herself) I wonder if they were talking about my birthday tomorrow … and those kimbap looks nice!!


Yoona : kekekekekekekkekekek >=]

Later that night, Tiffany couldn’t sleep thinking about ‘the event’

Tiffany : Could it be that BabySeo was preparing for the birthday banquet… And that riddle… The hint is a special event this week? … my birthday…. [! ! !] …. kekekeke~

Tiffany sneaks out quietly … what are you up to Tiffany?

Hyoyeon spots Tiffany and wonders what she is doing?

Of course … Hyoyeon sneaks out … quietly…

Hyoyeon : Ah Ma Gad! What is she doing with a sword in the middle of the night?!! … I must wake the others up!

Hyoyeon, Yuri and Taeyeon gathered to stop Tiffany!

Yuri : YAAAAA!! What are you doing?! Have you gone crazy?!

Taeyeon : I LUB U

Hyoyeon : Tiffany! Life is more beautiful that you thought!

Tiffany : Eh? What? Haha … What are you guys talking about? Let me explain! …

(SFX) Dudung~ (changed into hanbok clothes)

Tiffany : I was actually trying to solve the riddle and make sure that the event is for my birthday party… Since the hint is a special event this week, my birthday, which is on August 1st…

(SFX) Dudung~

Tiffany : I believe that Seohyun unnie were preparing for my birthday party, and so I wanted to try the cake first, that’s why I took the sword to cut the cake … This also answers the riddle, “What dies when it’s alive and is alive when it dies?” … It’s “Birthday Cake!!”


Tiffany : ”It dies when it is lit (alive) as the wax melts and it is alive when the fire dies.” Am I right?? Uh huh … No need to be amazed, I’ve been thinking about it all night-long …

Yuri : Ooh! … That’s right! It’s passed 12AM, so today is your birthday!! Happy Birthday Tiffany unnie! … I’m sorry I forgot! … But that isn’t the answer … eottoeohke!!

Taeyeon : Ahahaha! … Seohyun wasn’t preparing for your birthday party! It was for our 5th Anniversary Party that is also this week! Ahahhahaaha (monster laugh) But what’s with the clothes!!! So funny ahahaahhahha!

Hyoyeon : This (dying of laughter) is (falls over while laughing) so (rolls on the floor) speechless!! Hahaahaaahahhah

Suddenly, Lee Soo Man jumps out the closet!

SM : Aigoo! Kids, why so noisy? Are you talking about me? Aaah … talking about the riddle?? The answer is “Music”!

In order to make a live (alive) you have to make an all-kill song (dies), and it dies (all-kill) when the music is accepted by fans (alive)

Also, your outfits look nice! We should use it as a concept for your Anniversary party!

Tiffany: What about my birthday?! Bring back my youth! … heol~

Later that week, after the 5th anniversary party ended …

Tiffany : Unnies … Why did you guys put candles on the toilet?

Hyoyeon : Coz you said you wanted to have a Birthday Potty! Let the Potty start!!! Kekekeke (drunk~)


Born-to-be-goddesses, 9 Divine Angels, the legend that will echo throughout history, So Nuyh Shi Dae. What is it that brought Sones together to dedicate their lives for these ‘strangers’? What is so special that SoShi has that every other groups or artists don’t have?

“You’ll never get to meet them” they say, “They won’t take notice of you” they say, “They won’t even remember your name” they say. Criticism after criticism, people will keep questioning Sones why they follow a group called Girls’ Generation.

No matter how many times Sones are bashed, No matter how many times Sones are criticized, No matter how many times Sones are asked, they will always give the answer, “Because I choose to”.

5 years ago, when no one even knew what Girls’ Generation is, there were 9 girls. 9 normal girls who never even thought they would mark history as deep as it is now. They fought through black water, battling whatever came upon them. No matter what the situation, they continued forward along the path of fame without looking back as they knew that one day they will breakthrough and make number 1.

Through times they endured pain, sacrificed things that many cannot, much sadness and tears were shredded. But that did not stop them as the links between their hearts bought them closer. They were more than co-workers and exceeded the limit of best friends. Like a blood bound family, they support each other and lean on each other’s shoulders. Each of them becomes the support that holds the bridge and if the bridge falls, amends are made stronger and tougher than before. The most important factor is that they complete each other. If just one support is missing from under the bridge, it will become weaker and eventually collapse. With this bond, they manage to turn those tears of sadness into tears of joy.

A Deer once said,Happiness is doubled when you share them together and sadness is halved when you share them together”.

For 5 years, our girls have been together and kept going through whatever they encountered. Whether it be difficulties or happiness, they have overcome and shared it together.

The importance of our girls’ success is base on teamwork. If there is no teamwork or closeness in Girls’ Generation, if any of the members were selfish, they would not be as successful as they are right now. All 9 members love each other. They are happy just being together as a group and because of that, this is the SNSD that exists in the world right now. If one member is self-centred and not caring, there would be many problems among each of them. But our girls’ are both caring and loving, and as a result, success is delivered and can be witnessed today.

Sleep is sacrificed so that they can be the first to view their faces on screen. Money is spent even if a Sone is broke just to see their faces for a couple of hours. Support is given even if the inevitable will happen. But nonetheless, it is still their dreams to see them live on stage, however it is almost impossible for anyone to visit every city or town of every country, let alone an artist. But even so, Sones will continue to wait, hoping that one day they will see a sight that will never be forgotten.

Sones swore to the words that will keep the 9 together forever into the future, no matter what happens. Right Now.. Tomorrow… Forever… A few simple words that has great effect. It is because of these words that no matter what comes upon these girls, a wish will always be with them, lingering in the background. No matter how many times you girls’ thank us, we will not accept it… as it is us who should be saying the words “Thank You”.

Happy 5th Anniversary SNSD, may you last forever! And as always,

Source: (drawn and redrawn) FunkyFlapjacks@SNSDKorean, (inspired by) cnbluestorm, Multiple SNSD image sites, Multiple SNSD tumblr sites, SBS.co.kr, (original owners of parts within the images), Owner of SoshiFarm, Clipart, kimmysone