It really is Tiffany’s Day yesterday! Promoting abroad meant she had to celebrate her birthday aboard without her members too. However she was not alone! Tiffany promoting in Thailand meant news is booming everywhere.

First off, Tiffany was not alone when she celebrated her birthday as she was with SuJu’s Siwon! Now, before Sones do back-flips, Siwon and Tiffany are both promoting the exact same brand… In fact, they’re promoting it together!

D= Tiffany, either that was a very expensive restaurant or you were VERY hungry coz the plate is sparkly clean!!

Next up, Tiffany along with Siwon visited ‘12Plus Miracle’s‘ opening event which is what they’re also promoting. Lucky fans who were present shared some fancams;

After the opening event, they both appeared on Thailand’s ‘Morning News Show‘ where they had a nice morning chat!

Meanwhile, finally doing the promotion, at another ’12 Plus Miracle‘ event, Tiffany and Siwon promotes ‘Double Aura Lucent BB Powder‘.

Source: Pingbook, withsosiz9dot5, Siwon’s Twitter