IT’S OVER! Come again next time! For the anniversary!

Wasup Europe. For this podcast as well as the special anniversary one next month –we’ll be scheduling our podcast recording to your region‘s liking! So it may be a little earlier/later to the times you are used to! (Good/bad problems?!!)

Also, starting September the podcasts will be regularly scheduled at Pacific Standard Time because yours truly is going back (back) to Cali (Cali!) Bye bye Korea~!


IMPORTANT NOTE: This is the pre-big ass podcast podcast. So it’s okay if you miss this one, but DON’T miss the next one.  You may miss a live showing of…

Current time: 7:50 p.m. Korean Standard Time
Going live in T-minus 27 hours: 11 p.m. Korean Standard Time (July 26th)
7am Pacific Standard Time
10AM Eastern ST
3PM London ST
12AM (Start of new day July 27th) Australian ST


*Will be updated again 1 hour before live broadcast*