The past few months we have started to see more and more of our favourite sisters. Sisters that represent what all sibling relationship should be like, not only in SoShiLand, but throughout the whole world. So Nyuh Shi Dae’s Jessica and her younger sister, f(x)’s Krystal are no doubt, arguably the best sisterly love that exists in this Generation.

Jessica Jung also known as Jung SooYeon, auditioned for SM Entertainment and was the first member to sign in 2000 before rising in fame and seizing the number 1 spot through SNSD.

It is almost a far fetch dream for any parent to cheer their child on at such a young age. However attention cannot be all directed to just one child in the family as the younger will look up and follow the footsteps of her older sister. Also advancing into popularity herself, becoming on the same level in terms of Hallyu Wave, being able to join her sister on stage, Krystal Jung – the second coming of fame.

Krystal Jung’s Korean name is Jung SooJung. At the age of 18, she is the youngest in her family and is also a part of one of Korea’s top music group, f(x). Krystal, at a very young age of 16, she was already a part of f(x) and like her sister, walking onto the path of becoming a huge global idol.

Jessica and Krystal, a pair of names also known as the ‘Jung Sisters’, will always mark history. Not only loved because of the fact that they’re sisters but because of the relationship behind them.

So what is the reason for their close relation? While it is true and common that most siblings across the world share Jessica and Krystal’s closeness, it is because we know that both sisters cannot express their love for each other when they really need it.

It is noted by Jessica that her relationship with her sister was not as good as it is now and that they would have many fights! What brought them together was SM Entertainment. Jessica, being the first to join the company, meant she would be isolated from her family, especially from Krystal. Imagine someone close that you see everyday suddenly starts fading and only being able to see less and less. This was the burden Krystal had while her sister was training.

It wasn’t long until Krystal was able to unite with her sister as she joined SM in 2006. However it is ironic for Jessica and Krystal as what pulled the siblings together was also the very thing that separates them. SM Entertainment was like the thread that connects their relationship while it is also the wall that blocks their love. By having both sisters in the same company, they can see each other more often. But putting them into different group means their different schedules forces them not to be able to see each other more than they expected. It is like the Beginning and the End of the same book, the North and South of a compass, the Night and Day of this world. It is because of this reason why they are able to show their love freely of the rare times that they see each other.

But nonetheless, despite the hardship they both have to go through, it does not stop them from supporting each other. No matter what happens, whether it be good or bad, both sisters will continue to help each other and watch each other’s back as they boost their way to success.

Jessica and Krystal will share anything even to the tiniest details which will make them more twin-like. The resemblance, image and personality of the two are very similar. Features such as their nose and lips, tells us that they are indeed sisters. In a recent magazine shoot, Jessica and Krystal were both dressed in the same outfit designs, and even similar hair styles, making them look very much alike. With no bangs on their beautiful faces as well as slim figures, the sisters would twinkle in any dress.

In addition, the sisters have both attended in baseball stadiums to make opening pitches. Even to this detail they are similar as even in skinny jeans with sport shoes, they are able to form sexy curves giving off a somewhat sporty feeling. Apart from her super laziness and failed pitch, Jessica is also known for her sporty side as seen from Dream Team when she nearly won multiple events. Dream Team is also attended by Krystal where she broke a high jump record that has been set on the show 10 years ago.

Finally, the most obvious similarities that is present in both their genes, is shown in f(x) and SNSD. Both Jessica and Krystal have powerful vocals as they blast away their singing abilities in their respective groups. It is no wonder that during most SMTown concerts that they take part as a duo on stage where they can have fun as sisters as well as be on par with each other in terms of vocal.

Although Krystal is not part of SNSD, I personally will count her as part of the SNSD family. Even though f(x) is very different to SNSD in style and music, I will continue to count them as SNSD’s sister. In spite of being a S♥ne, no matter what happens to Krystal, I will continue to support her like I do with Jessica. This is the least a S♥ne can do compared to the pain that Jessica holds in her heart.

No matter what happens to f(x) or SNSD in the future, the sisterhood will always exist in their hearts.

Source: FunkyFlapjacks@snsdkorean