Added SNSD’s Promotional video

My Jelly meter is OFF DUH CHARTS. Damn jooo L.A Sones!! You all seem to get all the international SoShi goodies!! Ya that’s right!!

With a schedule on August 10th, SNSD is Back to perform in Los Angeles! Other groups that will also be joining SNSD on stage are fellow Hallyu Wave stars such as SECRET, SISTAR, CNBlue, KARA, SHINee, MBLAQ, 2AM and 2PM. The Concert will be held at Home Depo Centre.

Tickets will be on sale starting on July 18th at 10.00AM. I wont give you information on how to get the tickets since I’m too jelly … Sorry

AHHH WHATEVER! The tickets will be available through Home Depot Center Box Office or I’ll even provide a phone number 888-929-7849 (For L.A / U.S Sones only or you will be charged with making international calls!!).

Now go enjoy yourselves while the rest of us torture ourselves by watching fancam … Q_q

Source: wondergeneration