On the episode of SBS ‘One Night TV Entertainment‘ aired on July 4th, one of the hosts Sooyoung, who is known for her long legs, got her leg length measured.

In this episode, while they were discussing about stars’ unique photos, Yoon DoHyun suddenly came up with the idea to measure Sooyoung’s legs in the studio.

Upon this, Sooyoung seemed very surprised but went up to the stage to get her legs measured anyway. Looking at Sooyoung’s legs, Yoon DoHyun exclaimed, “They are very long.” Other reporters looked at Sooyoung’s long and smooth legs with eyes of envy.

After measuring the hosts’ legs, Sooyoung’s legs measured 107 cm and were longer than Yoon DoHyun’s by 5cm. Because of Sooyoung’s ‘crane-legs’, Yoon DoHyun felt embarrassed.

Sooyoung expressed her relief since she was worried initially but her legs’ lengths came out favorable and lived up to their names.

Source: reviewstar.hankooki.com, fanwonder