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UPDATE – (Funky) – Added photos of Hyoyeon with Park Minha + Kim Hyungsuk

Hyoyeon and her partner Kim Hyung Suk once again delivered an intense and exciting performance on Dancing with the Stars Season 2. Hyoyeon was not only able to show her aptitude for different styles of dance as she performed paso doble and fox trot to the tune of ‘Kokomo’, but also her professionalism. When doing the fox trot, she had a minor fall, stumbling on the dress she had taken off during the previous paso doble dance. However, she got right back up in a split second and finished the performance with great energy and enthusiasm.

My heart’s still beating really fast. It was an accident that I didn’t think I’d make. Fortunately, Hyungsuk signaled to me with his eyes what the next step was so I was able to transition smoothly,” our Dancing Queen stated after the performance regarding her fall. She also added, “I think my body line has become more feminine, and a lot more adults have begun to recognize me. Senior Im Ha Ryong congratulated me on winning #1 and told me that he’d keep supporting me“.
Hyoyeon fighting!


Source: wonderfulgeneration