Summing up the first half of this year’s performances, this week’s episode of Music Bank is a ‘Half-Year Wrap-Up‘ Special in which TaeTiSeo are once again out to Twinkle away. Check out their performance below;

Meanwhile after their performance, the left with a photo and messege backstage thanking us Sones~

Taetiseo~ I didn’t know that name would sound so natural…

Taetiseo, you already… miss us, right?? ㅎ

The three of us might have had a lonely promotion but thanks to our SONE,

we were able to make memories that were more enjoyable and happier than ever~

I know I always say thank you… but every time, it’s my true feelings ^^


Oh by the way, it was my, Seohyun’s, birthday yesterday wasn’t it!?

I’ll think of yesterday’s 20s Choice Awards as my birthday party and…

or maybe that’s too much?? haha

Anyway, it might have been a schedule but I enjoyed it like it was a party~

To party with precious people~

each following day seems to be ones that I’ll never forget in my life.

Now~ this is another new start!

Everybody, let’s hwaiting!!^^♥

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