More like later this year, but better late than never… right?

Work dat psyho sexeh supah mazic cuz we talkin’ robots here.

What would you do for a Klondike Bar? Who cares! The better question is: ‘How do I get my own Kim Taeyeon?’ because I want one; the only one – the super dorky, ahjumma-like & limited edition version produced in South Korea. Unfortunately, I can’t have that one because apparently that would be kidnapping or something ridiculous… but I still want one.

Fortunately, Dongbu Robots, IR Robots, and Ocean Bridge ENT in the Korea south of the north one will be working on robotic versions of Girls’ Generation, as well as SM Family members Super Junior and other popular K-pop stars. The robots will utilize complex motors and 20 joints throughout the body to perform the dance moves of each group. The design of these figures will be based off of the Hovis Eco robot released by Dongbu Robots in April of this year and are projected to be completed by late 2012.

Hovis Eco… like a Echo Echo Echo..

Half a year, that’s all that’s left. We can wait this out together. You. Me. We can all have our own Kim Taeyeons and Kim Hyoyeons. Sure, they’re not quite like the real thing and not life-sized, but you can make them dance at will, eat your Klondike bar with them, and cry yourself to sleep holding them in your arms as a temporary placeholder until that special day comes when we can all have our own Girls’ Generation.

By: greeentee@snsdkorean

Source: DongA Ilbo Via KoreaBoo

Visual Dreams screencap submitted to fanpop by fanylove09;
Hovis Eco image via RoadNarrows Robotics.