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That’s right! Tired of your default ‘Clock’ App on your Iphone? Want something Pink? Want SoShi to wake you up? Say no more to your boring grey alarm clock app and say no to ‘Snooze’ as you can now have your favorite SNSD member to wake you up! Jessica? Taeyeon? Sunny? Anyone you want as all 9 members are available for you to pick! You will strike up as soon as u hear that alarm go off as no one can resist an SNSD clock!


Don’t worry, you haven’t been trolled by me! In fact its Yakult that has trolled us…

That’s right… Unfortunately our Sweet Delight has be tramped on…

The App exists alright but its only available for download IF you have ‘App store/ iTunes Korea‘. If you do happen to live in SK or have Korean Appstore (WHICH IM JELLY OF) the download link can be found here:


Gaff Damn It!!!

For the rest of the internationally Non-Korean iTunes S❤nes, we can only enjoy the beautiful pictures below; 😦