Early this month, a post was made about TaeTiSeo and how Seohyun attacks her unnie, Taeyeon, during their performance! Well it looks like Seohyun made a cute apology to Taeyeon for accidentally hitting her with her elbow.

On the June 20th episode of SBS ‘One Night of TV Entertainment’, TaeTiSeo members made their appearances. During the show, Seohyun revealed that she frequently hit Taeyeon with her elbow during their promotional activities as sub-unit.

Seohyun explained, “My elbows are really sharp, so I’m sorry for slightly hitting Taeyeon unni. My fans even gave me elbow pads as a gift. I will definitely use them,” evoking laughter with her hilarious apology.

Source: Nate, dkpopnews