From Ah Hot Hot Summer outfit, our Summer Pearl once again transforms into a Rainy Pearl!

On June 19th, AmorePacific revealed that they would be starting the ‘Share Your Umbrella‘ campaign for two months, starting on the 21st. Yuri has been selected as one of the models for the campaign along with Shin Minah, Yoo Ah-in, Lee Miyeon, and Jo Insung. The campaign will also have a ‘Share Your Umbrella‘ event, where umbrellas carrying the stars’ autographs will be distributed as prizes.

From this campaign, customers can receive ‘beauty points’ with every purchase made in all AmorePacific stores. The customers can then exchange 9900 points for a ‘Share Your Umbrella‘ umbrella, with a portion of money made from sales being donated to a flood damage restoration organization. This campaign will continue until August 20th.

Source: ch0sshi, MoonSoshi9@soshified