Next month on July, our Girls will once again be promoting around Korea!… BUT not on screen! There are many magazines due to release next month and each of them featuring one or more members. Magazines including ‘@Star1’, ‘Elle Girl’, ‘Oh!Boy!’, and ‘Marie Claire’ with one extra feature, the Jungs. Take a sneaky look at Magazine ShiDae for next month’s issues;

@Star 1 – SooYoung, Seohyun, Yuri and Jessica 

Oh!Boy! – SooYoung

Oh!Boy! – TaeTiSeoDog

Marie Claire – Jessica and f(x)’s Krystal

Elle Girl – TaeTiSeo (and above)

Meanwhile, look forward to the Paparazzi promotions!

Source: @Star1 Magazine, MarieClaire, OhBoyZine, OhBoyMagazine,snowysummer, DC, Sosiz, Deselim, wondergeneration