So who’s turn it is to support our Master Dancer Hyoyeon on this week’s episode of ‘Dancing With The Stars 2‘? Oh yes that’s right, this week it’s Jessica’s turn to come and Ra-Ta-Ta~ for Hyo! And of course, following Seohyun, Tiffany, Yoona and Sunny, a Selca/ photo is a must, infact they took a 3 part together and posted a message! Lets play a guessing game eh? Whoever can guess next week’s supporter wins a Hi-5 from me 🙂 .

(P.S, oh and i know both of them are short…but i just realized how Short they both are next to that switch lolol)

Meanwhile, you can also watch Hyoyeon’s Samba performance which gave them a total score of 23 points at the bottom!;

Jessica – “I just came back from supporting our really really pretty best dancing Hyoyeon unnie!!! Hehe Of course she was splendid~ lovable… I fell in love againㅠㅠ euang We took 3 commemorative photos~ You’re envious, right?! ^ㅡ^ euhehehehehe”.

(LOL i love Sica’s method of clapping, makes me lollolololololol)

Source: girlsgeneration.smtown.com, wondergeneration