In the first episode of TV Joseon’s ‘Entertainment inTV the TREND‘ which will be aired on June 9th, topics related to Yoona will be discussed. On this episode, various experts on make-up, hairstyle, costume, commercial, and music video will be revealing some secrets about Yoona. Among all the topics, there was an incident involving Yoona at a tangerine farm in Jeju Island which was thought to be the funniest.

On Yoona, who is known for her appetite for food, a Kratom expert said, “When she was filming a commercial in the tangerine farm, she kept eating the tangerines and caused many NGs in the process. However, she just continued eating”.

Furthermore, the dress Yoona wore during award ceremonies will be revealed, and the hairstyle and make-ups that the fans are curious about will also be discussed. Look forward!

Source: tvdaily.co.kr, (Translate) taengfan @ fanwonder.com, dkpopnews