It may be over for TaeTiSeo’s ‘Twinkle’ promotions, but Once Again, Back Again, our Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful, Trio is back for one last stage on KBS’s ‘Music Bank Special In Jeonju City’. As you all know (or didn’t know!), Jeonju City is the city that Taeyeon and Seohyun studied at during their high school! Not only that but Taeyeon’s Father’s shop is also there! So this isn’t just special for Music Bank but also for our girls! Enjoy their performance and Talk below!



Talk – TaeSeo

Taeyeon – “Finally we’ve completed the last Twinkle stage today!!Thank you for being there from the start to the end, SONE~~! (❤)To commemorate the last stage, I’ve given you my ‘off-pitch’ singing as a present. heh heh.It’ll be too boring if everything is so perfect, isn’t it kekekekekekeLong live Twinkle! Long live SNSD!”

Yes… Long Live SNSD Indeed 😀

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